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Well, after all the stuff I've had to deal with at the beginning of this week, it's nice to see that karma is getting back to me.

Although, I shouldn't really get praised for procrastination.

Anyways, today was the last day of the week, four-day weekend. It was a really short day, so it was just a few reviews, tests, or turning in spirals. Courtesy of my stupidity and procrastination, I did not finish both my Chem. sprial (again) and my Sociology spiral (most surprising).

I could tell you I was doing something important, but yesterday was mainly hanging out with Alex goofing off. Hey, at least I got my Math Analysis done (that test was easy).

So, I'm pretty much trying to get worksheets from respectable classmates, i.e. my friends, frantically putting together my Chem. spiral. I couldn't tackle Sociology because I need to be in a certain... bubble to work through there. I said I would turn it in late.

Although, a stroke of luck hits my fifth period. Our teacher, trying to catch us Academy kids up, gives us the past worksheets while she continues to grade the earlier class' spirals.

Thank the deity of chemistry.

So, needless to say, due to the exploits of my other classmates, our class was off-the-hook. Off to Sociology, where we are met with an interesting proposition. Take the chapter test today and turn in our spirals or continue the video that most of us missed due to the Academy workshop. A unanimous decision to postpone the test which meant the spirals were delayed as well!

Two for two! When did I get so lucky?!

All stress has been released. I have four days to finish half-completed spirals and a personal statement. (Like yours, Abbi... 'cept for a college application). I just pretty much went to sleep once I got home knowing have the next 96 hours to work on all this.

Like what Rosey always says, procrastinators will rule the world!

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