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(Can't) Speak.

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(Can't) Speak.

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*Attempts to scream* *fails badly*

OH MY GOD! That concert last night was freaking epic. I'm trying to remember the pure awesomeness coming out from the concert hall. Oh... so much screaming...

You were one of them buddy... don't pull this all on the fangirls.

Grr... shush you! Anyways, starting from the beginning... left the house around 4:30, got there in time to get a close parking spot and pretty much sat for and hour or so.

If you and your Dad weren't playing Rock Band, you could have brought a video or something.

Yeah... true. I kept myself busy with my iPod and cell phone camera... Around 5:30, we start to stand in line in front of the gate with all the other fans. Not much better than the car, but we got into the place earlier.

Yeah... and froze a bit outside too.

Quickly went to our assigned seats and picked up some food... They kept constantly checking the ticket though.

Hey buddy! I already walked past here two times! Do you see anyone else with a shirt that says "Brawl Hat Boy" on it?!

Aside from those little annoyances, we bought some swag... mainly because I didn't bring a jacket.

Dumb move. Especially since you bring that thing eve-ry-where.

Picked up a No Doubt labeled jacket and a blanket for my Mom, since she was cold as well. Grand total. $75 for the jacket, $15 for the blanket.

Incredible. It's like the value of a dollar goes down even further when you enter a stadium...

Back in our seats, comfy and warm, the opening act starts to play. All the way from 'Svenden,' The Sounds. I had only heard of them from Rock Band DLC, but I had picked up there second album before the concert.

Pretty good choice... although you were out 'blanket hunting' again and missed "Painted by Numbers."

So, they were pretty good. They had a signing after the Paramore show too. I managed to wait in line long enough for one.

You better still have that! You missed SPIDERWEBS for that, dammit!

The next act was Paramore, who's officially on the tour with No Doubt. They played a rocking show, with some Riot singles and some new tracks.

Nothing wrong with that... most were pretty good. Just don't let anyone catch you singing along to all the hit tracks...

They do have quite a few tracks on Rock Band, too... so, I knew a lot of the lyrics... After Decode, I went off to stand in line for The Sounds signing. Started by the Weinershintzel and slowly moved towards the booth. It was a long line...

Long... and slow. Fortunately those... I'm not sure if they were kids or young adults...

There was an entertaining band of teens behind me... making light of the situation waiting in line. They were obviously a bit more determined to get to the band than me, but I stayed my place in line anyways.

Funny people... trying to make all the fans go and get seats for the show... even thought they didn't need them.

Best part of the line, I'm... about 10 people away from the booth and the show starts. A security guy notices the line and asks "You do know No Doubt is playing right now... and you're in line for these guys?"

Ha. So what if I miss the first few songs... I've heard them countless times already.

He even goes as far to notice the jacket I'm wearing, which has No Doubt branded on it.

Just because I'm a fan doesn't mean I have to hear EVERY song from my seat... a true fan would know from the outskirts of the theater anyways!

Anyways, get the picture signed and rush back to my seat where every bottom is up. The seats are made useless as people jump and shake for the band.

It's like an organized mosh pit! *jumps up and down*

If I remember correctly, I walked in on... 'Underneath It All', I believe. Not one of my favorite songs, but a good sing-a-long.

This journal is starting to get long... better start summarizing buddy.

I managed to catch the Tragic Kingdom (best CD out of the pack) set with 'Excuse Me Mister' (awesome track, sounds different live though) and 'Ex-Girlfriend' (fracking energy song right there! *jumps*)

I have to wonder where I was during all this...

Some notable tracks were... 'New' (BEST BEST BEST FRACKING SONG off of The Singles. Sooo glad it got in RB), 'Hey Baby,' 'Running' (reminded me of a certain someone...), 'Don't Speak,' 'Simple Kind of Life,' "It's My Life,' 'Just a Girl,' and 'Sunday Morning' (for the closer).

Anything off of The Singles really... although it was nice to hear "End It On This" and "Rock Steady."

Just... an overall epic show. She managed to evade security enough to get to the stands, trying to reach the people on the grass!

Crazy girl right there... Least security did a good job of protecting her from any harm.

Not to mention the insane drummer Adrian ran around the middle seats banging on a drum in a tutu...

I don't want to remember that. I don't want to remember that.

So... needless to say, I can't talk at all right now... But... that's what AIM, FB, Twitter, and LJ are for, are they not?

WOO! *cough cough* Aww frack! Gotta remember not to do that...

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