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DStone's Blog of Randomness

...or whatever's on my mind.

Okay, safe to say I've made my ways around this site long enough to give a good profile of myself. Hello, I'm DStone39, and I am a currently a 16-year-old boy that happens to enjoy a good romance story. (Why that is, I'm not sure... perhaps a slightly hopeless romantic?) Anyways, not a big deal. I've always been interested in writing and reading. Every since I was little, I would print out fake newspapers, and write the craziest of stories. I've also caught my eye on several of my loyal readers stories. If I could write half-as-good as all of you, I might warrant over 100 reviews. So, not much else to say. I'm a bit of a rarity when it comes to reviewing. (Not everyone excepts a straight guy to review to a romance fic.) It's just who I am I guess...